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General Development "Programming languages are living phenomena: They're born, the lucky ones that don't die in infancy live sometimes long, fruitful lives, and then inevitably enter a period of decline. Unlike real life, the decline can last many, many years as the presence of large legacy codebases means practiced hands must tend the code for decades. The more popular the language once was, the longer this period of decline will be."
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by RareBreed on Wed 16th Jan 2013 20:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by RareBreed"
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I would disagree here. The problem is that it only takes one mutable piece of data or one function with a side effect to ruin an entire call chain. Mixing and matching pure FP with anything else renders your code non-pure and thus you may as well not have written in an FP style at all.

Less seriously, it forces users to think multiple ways. I saw many java developers complain vehemently about the upcoming lambdas in Java 8. So one developer might write code in an OO style, and another in an FP style, and now everybody has to learn both ways of doing it.

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