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Zeta I've always been a huge fan of BeOS. However, there was no denying the fact that the BeOS was getting old. As many other BeOS fans, I closely followed two projects: Haiku, and yellowTAB's Zeta. The latter released 1.0 a few weeks ago. Here are the findings of an old BeOS user.
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boot times & laptop
by evert on Sun 17th Jul 2005 20:54 UTC
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A short boot time is very important for laptop users. Windows and Linux have longer boot times because they have more hardware support and more features, which requires more services to load on startup, and so on. They have, maybe, more self-healing capabilities, increasing the boot time.

For example, Slackware had a very short boottime, until Pat decided to add hotplug support. You can still disable it easily (thanks, Pat) but leaving it enabled is advised, especially for laptops when you often plug in all kinds of hardware. Hotplug slows doen the bootup by several seconds.

Because I sometimes need to make a quick note, and I mean quick, I have installed DOS on a seperate partition. It has virtually no boot time at all, and all I have to do is "vi mynote.txt" to start editing. (I have installed vi for dos and command-line completion).

I recommend OS developers to offer some kind of console which must by ready to use before the whole OS has started up, so one can access files and editing textfiles within a few seconds after powering on the system.

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