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Windows Pokki is a start menu replacement for Windows - and it has already been downloaded 1.5 million times for Windows 8. "Since the launch of Windows 8, we've seen over 1.5 million Pokki downloads on the new OS itself and users opening the Pokki Menu an average of 10 times a day. These early numbers demonstrate that users enjoy being able to instantly access and discover apps, straight from the desktop." And this is just one of the countless replacements. Microsoft should've never kept the traditional desktop in there - they've given users the ability to escape Metro, and this will only hurt the new environment.
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RE[3]: Just a thought...
by WorknMan on Thu 17th Jan 2013 03:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Just a thought..."
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I personally feel the review is just about right. I tried to use Windows 8 since the "Release Preview" as my primary Windows "desktop". And I gave up like two weeks ago, reformatted and returned to Windows 7 on my Windows box. The exact reason for this was that the "Windows 8 was unusable"

Honestly, I don't really understand this mentality. If you don't like Metro, fine. But why go back to Win7? Once you actually get to the desktop in Windows 8, it is pretty much the same as Windows 7, with some new bells & whistles. As a self-proclaimed power user, I had no trouble adapting to the Metro start screen, mainly because I use it the same as I used the start menu in Windows 7:

In Windows 7:
Press the Win key, start typing the name of the application until it is selected, and then press Enter

In Windows 8:
Press the Win key, start typing the name of the application until it is selected, and then press Enter

It's the same damn process, but in Windows 8, it's actually a little faster. And of course, there are tons of start menu replacements available. As for Metro itself, I find it to be mostly useless (except for the Messenger app which gives me desktop notifications when I get a Facebook message), but its use is hardly mandatory. In fact, I forget it's even there 99% of the time. And it's not like Metro is slowing things down either, as Windows 8 feels at least as fast as Win7 did. If anything, it's just a little extra thing that's included with the OS.

So I'm puzzled as to why anyone would go back to Windows 7, esp with the benefits that Windows 8 offers - native USB 3.0 support, a much better task manager, native ISO mounting, taskbars on multiple monitors, hyper V virtualization, etc:

Of course, I COULD go back to Win7, but it has absolutely nothing to offer me that Win8 doesn't. Plus, for $40 I got the Pro version (from Win7's Home Premium), so I can remote desktop in from any machine on my LAN.

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