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Graphics, User Interfaces "A statistical analysis shows that icons with less detail score better in terms of usability. It seems to be an easy truth: too much detail in icons confuses the users. So we wondered whether we could find any evidence for this truth in the data of our large scale test of the LibreOffice Icons."
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Suitable title yet, Bad comparison
by mcpatnaik on Thu 17th Jan 2013 06:38 UTC
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The comparison tries to split the icon set, this is mistake no 1. The investigator should compare one icon set against another, like crystal against galaxy or human against oxygen.

More is worse is very good title but the main problem is elsewhere. There are roughly 4000 icons in LibreOffice, obsecure icon names (Example in folder res/ lx03123.png, lx03125.png, lx03126.png, lx03127.png, lx03129.png, lx03130.png, lx03135.png ... Go Figure out!) and I have found the meaning of many only by trial and error. Many similar icons exist with no documentation to guide which icon go into which dialog / toolbar.

Making an icon theme is horrible for LO for the same reason. People are trying, I have contributed a few to crystal and now working on an other. Hopefully I can decipher icons and their use before the interest is lost.

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