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Windows Pokki is a start menu replacement for Windows - and it has already been downloaded 1.5 million times for Windows 8. "Since the launch of Windows 8, we've seen over 1.5 million Pokki downloads on the new OS itself and users opening the Pokki Menu an average of 10 times a day. These early numbers demonstrate that users enjoy being able to instantly access and discover apps, straight from the desktop." And this is just one of the countless replacements. Microsoft should've never kept the traditional desktop in there - they've given users the ability to escape Metro, and this will only hurt the new environment.
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The logical solution
by ze_jerkface on Thu 17th Jan 2013 08:26 UTC
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Start blocking executables, ban IPs of start menu download sites, track user movements, develop "seek and destroy" malware to take out the programs.

That's the only way that Microsoft can enter the mobile market. It needs to be done.

There's no other way. Microsoft has to spend billions and piss off their entire user base to gain a foothold in the mobile market. Metro NEEDS to be forced. Users will learn to appreciate Metro once it is forced on them and they can't escape.

Fellow Microsoft fanboys let's meet later to discuss ways we can prevent our relatives from installing these insidious programs.

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