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Graphics, User Interfaces "A statistical analysis shows that icons with less detail score better in terms of usability. It seems to be an easy truth: too much detail in icons confuses the users. So we wondered whether we could find any evidence for this truth in the data of our large scale test of the LibreOffice Icons."
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It depends what you mean
by Chrispynutt on Thu 17th Jan 2013 09:37 UTC
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For me an icon must have a distinct silhouette and colour to be identifiable. Anything that disrupts this, like too much detail (essentially camouflaging the icon), uniform shape (which one of the many identical squares in my peripheral vision is the one I want) or mono-tonal (tuned out as screen furniture) negatively impact this.

For me the Adobe application icons are a disaster of icon design. Without knowing the applications can you even tell what they might do?

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