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Fedora Core "Linux fans hope that the interface changes in Windows 8 will drive more users to Linux. But the open source operating system is facing interface challenges of its own. Part of the problem is that - after so much controversy within the Linux community - there are so many interfaces to chose from. But the new version of Fedora - a desktop focused version of Red Hat’s distribution of Linux - is offering users an easier way to choose between the many flavors of Linux GUI."
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RE[2]: Depends
by WorknMan on Fri 18th Jan 2013 02:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Depends"
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The problem is, every now and then, I hear rumblings from one (or more) guy(s) in the GNOME project who seem to think "you're either a GNOME app or you're not" is a winning stance to take to build a popular brand

That might actually work, but not for Linux as a whole. If they're going to go that route, they should build an entire OS around it (even if it's Linux as the foundation), so that that tight integration exist through the entire operating system, not just the desktop environment. Something like a 'Gnome OS', I guess.

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