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Fedora Core "Linux fans hope that the interface changes in Windows 8 will drive more users to Linux. But the open source operating system is facing interface challenges of its own. Part of the problem is that - after so much controversy within the Linux community - there are so many interfaces to chose from. But the new version of Fedora - a desktop focused version of Red Hat’s distribution of Linux - is offering users an easier way to choose between the many flavors of Linux GUI."
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Easily sidestepped. You want me to support you? You run what I put on your machine. That is what I run myself, so I can answer questions. (I run Mint, so newbies won't go apesh*t over their setup and I have what I need a few terminals away.)

You are able to change your Desktop Environment or even the distro itself? You don't really need my support. You can still ask me questions and I trust you can approach your system abstract enough to translate my suggestions into steps for your particular setup.

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