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Fedora Core "Linux fans hope that the interface changes in Windows 8 will drive more users to Linux. But the open source operating system is facing interface challenges of its own. Part of the problem is that - after so much controversy within the Linux community - there are so many interfaces to chose from. But the new version of Fedora - a desktop focused version of Red Hat’s distribution of Linux - is offering users an easier way to choose between the many flavors of Linux GUI."
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RE: Depends
by cyrilleberger on Fri 18th Jan 2013 08:58 UTC in reply to "Depends"
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Note that this question isn't rhetorical... I have no idea if this would work or not. But if the answer is that it wouldn't work, and these desktop environments/frameworks are just 'islands' that are completely separate from each other, then Linux on the desktop will be as irrelevant 20 years from now as it is today, until/unless this changes.

Copy/paste, between applications using different toolkits, has been working for at least twenty years. I know GTK and Qt barely existed twenty years ago, but the clipboard protocol predate them.

Any other "missing" features ?

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