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Apple After relying on third parties for several years - Internet Explorer, Netscape - Apple decided that it was time to take matters into its own hands. It was time Apple created its own browser (again). And so, Safari was born, and released unto the world ten years ago. These past few weeks, Don Melton, the project lead for Safari and WebKit, has been sharing a lot of interesting stories about the origins and development of Apple's browser.
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Before Safaris' release browsing on OS X was slower than any other platform and there was no willingness to fix it.
Microsoft would say it was slower because you are using a mac

OSX was generally slow back then... the silly Apple PR of "PowerPC 'supercomputer on a chip' G4" (based on few hand-picked Photoshop benchmarks) didn't change that.

The release of Safari lit a fire under other developers and their products were improved

No, Chrome did that half a decade later. The times between the release of Safari and Chrome were the years of IE6 & stagnation.

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