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Opera Software This is actually pretty big news - both exciting and tragic at the same time. Opera has revealed Opera Ice, its next mobile browser, to PocketLint. This new browser represent a big shift in both user interface as well as rendering engine, since it has a new, unique interface, as well as a new rendering engine... New to Opera, that is, as it's a WebKit-browser.
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Don't understand this at all. The home made browser engine is fast and portable. Why put effort into a me-too browser when the rest of the competition has deeper pockets to diversify on webkit?

It does not make any sense, effort should have been put into compelling features, not yet-another-webkit browser.

Totally baffled...

It encourages people to unknowingly code for quirks of HOW WebKit implements a standard.

I believe there were some IE6-era Javascript things that would never have worked in V8 because, while they worked in IE6, they weren't part of the standard and were incompatible with V8's approach to JITing.

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