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Apple "Never mind the fact that the iPod turned the entire music industry on its head. Never mind the fact that most successful notebooks today resemble designs first popularized by Apple. Never mind the fact that the blueprint of the modern day smartphone remains the original iPhone. Never mind the fact that competitors are scrambling wildly to copy the success and design of the iPad. Forget all of these things, because when it comes to Apple, the 'what have you done for me lately?' mentality reigns supreme."
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RE[3]: my 2 cents
by mkone on Sat 19th Jan 2013 22:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: my 2 cents"
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"I disagree....word of mouth and observation drive people to buy Apple's products. Every time I pick up a Galaxy S3, I go back to the iPhone and it's obvious to me why the latter is a superior, more cohesive user experience. This has nothing to do with thinking that Apple is infallible; it's about individual informed choice...period.

Have you seen there marketing machine? Just look at the PC vs Mac line of ads. All of their ads make you think you have to have the latest Apple product just to be normal. Look at the way they introduce new products. For each product launch they have a giant event like they just found the cure to cancer or something. Its not informed choice. Most of their customers are not in IT. They don't have a damn clue about the technology in their device. What they do know is that Apple says they need to buy one because its revolutionary and better.

Most of Windows customers are not it IT either. That is a weird argument to make.

So Apple tries to get the best coverage for each of their product launches. What is wrong with that. That is called being smart! Why would a company spend millions developing a product, only to bury its introduction by not adequately letting people see it.

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