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Apple "Never mind the fact that the iPod turned the entire music industry on its head. Never mind the fact that most successful notebooks today resemble designs first popularized by Apple. Never mind the fact that the blueprint of the modern day smartphone remains the original iPhone. Never mind the fact that competitors are scrambling wildly to copy the success and design of the iPad. Forget all of these things, because when it comes to Apple, the 'what have you done for me lately?' mentality reigns supreme."
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by bassbeast on Sun 20th Jan 2013 08:22 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Reponse"
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Bite your tongue! They still can't get Kinect to work right with games, I can just imagine what it would be like as a PC interface! /moves hand to save work/ "Oh you want me to delete and shutdown? Okay"...nooooooo!

And everyone can see what "MSFT is trying to do" they are trying to turn Windows into a cellphone so the users will "get used to it" and buy their overpriced WinPhones and WinRT tablets...which they just had to cut orders in half on because nobody is gonna pay more than an iPad or Kindle for something with no apps and lousy software support..sigh.

If they don't get Ballmer out of the big chair soon I could easily see MSFT becoming another RIM, a once great company that only has legacy customers and even they are looking at exit strategies. The sad part is if they would ape IBM instead of Apple they'd be doing great, they could backport the appstore to Win 7 and focus on selling features and support contracts to supplement their OS sales but Ballmer just can't see past Cupertino and that is gonna be what runs the company into the ground.

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