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Graphics, User Interfaces Ever since I bought my HTC HD7 way back in October 2010, I have been hooked on Windows Phone. Without even being able to test-drive the new operating system (The Netherlands didn't get Windows Phone 7 until a year later), I imported the HD7 from the US - the minimalist, stark, clean, flat, and textual interface spoke to me, and I just knew I would like it. And like it, I did.
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RE: Digital design is plain ugly
by Morgan on Mon 21st Jan 2013 11:16 UTC in reply to "Digital design is plain ugly"
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Digital design is plain ugly and is a huge step back, a regression from the beautiful analog designs.

Visually, advanced analog designs, such as Mac OS X (Aqua) and Windows (Vista/7; Aero Glass) and iPhone/iOS beats the crap of Windows 8/Phone 8 and digital designs.

That's purely subjective; everyone has their own feelings on this subject. There was a time in the past when I was all for the analog, drop-shadow and wobbly windows effects you could get with compositing WMs. These days, I want the GUI to take a step back and get out of my way so I can get work done. The less unnecessary distraction, the better! But again that's just my perspective.

The reason I'm using Android, is because Apple lacks Freedom. And I demand Freedom-respecting devices.

That has zero to do with this discussion, and I have no clue why you brought it up. But since you did, I have to say that you're fooling yourself; Android may be based on a Free software stack but it's no more Free than iOS. Just as OS X/iOS are based on FreeBSD, yet they are not Free OSes given all the proprietary crap included, so it is with Android (albeit to a lesser extent).

Just because you can sideload apps and get certain portions of last year's source code does not mean Android is Free software. For a much better analysis than I could ever provide, please go here:

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