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Graphics, User Interfaces Ever since I bought my HTC HD7 way back in October 2010, I have been hooked on Windows Phone. Without even being able to test-drive the new operating system (The Netherlands didn't get Windows Phone 7 until a year later), I imported the HD7 from the US - the minimalist, stark, clean, flat, and textual interface spoke to me, and I just knew I would like it. And like it, I did.
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by trezzer on Mon 21st Jan 2013 15:32 UTC
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I've been switching back and forth between iOS 5/6, Android 4.1.2 and WP 7.5. I find that while the inconsistency of Android is a problem (for instance you don't get badges everywhere you might want them), both Android and iOS are more efficient at getting your things done.

Mostly this is because the interfaces are more or less static. There is a good reason why skeuomorphism and iconography are great in computing devices: They make it easy to find your way around. They do not guarantee great design, but when you present a known and easy way of doing things, you are halfway there.

I find it highly problematic that live tiles change around so much. I have often scrolled up and down my home screen on Windows Phone trying to find a specific app I was looking for, but the application icon was obscured by some dynamic content.

When live tiles are used correctly they can be great. For instance "3 notifications" below an icon shows you useful information. You are not likely to sit and stare at the phone till you've read all three bits of news (and depending on the app you won't be able to - even if the screen stays on for long enough).

Show me where there is something new and I will check it out at leisure. I will do it quickly, for I will know where my applications are located thanks to static icon images and manual placement. This works well.

On desktops we've actually had "live tiles" for ages in the form of widgets. The funny thing is widgets are infinitely more useful. They aren't in the way of information/navigation and they merge nicely into a WIMP interface - which is still the best interface we have.

In my opinion Microsoft is getting a free PR ride on this "new interface". I certainly don't find it better and I doubt it'll stick around for very long. The alternatives are simply better.

Don't get me wrong; I like the look of the tiles. I just don't want them on my desktop. And I want them used with care on my phone/tablet.

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