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Apple "Never mind the fact that the iPod turned the entire music industry on its head. Never mind the fact that most successful notebooks today resemble designs first popularized by Apple. Never mind the fact that the blueprint of the modern day smartphone remains the original iPhone. Never mind the fact that competitors are scrambling wildly to copy the success and design of the iPad. Forget all of these things, because when it comes to Apple, the 'what have you done for me lately?' mentality reigns supreme."
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by ezraz on Mon 21st Jan 2013 18:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Reponse"
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That's exactly what happened in the PC space. Apple stagnated completely - the classic Mac OS was a trainwreck, and even though some are unwilling to admit it, Windows was better. Windows 2000 was leaps and bounds better, and Windows XP just ran circles around classic Mac OS and early Mac OS X.

iOS is in danger of the same fate. I'm really hoping Apple has some cool stuff to come for iOS, because right now, going back to iOS after using Android and Windows Phone feels like going 5 years back in time.

This is revisionist history. The 'stagnant' Apple you speak of owned desktop publishing, graphics, CD Rom development, digital audio editing, was a major player in handheld, handwriting recognition, and object-oriented computing. Macs were priced higher than a Windows 95 machine but still had far more built in features, reliability, and resale value, so the value proposition was strong for Mac or it's mid-90's clones.

At least in the US. I know this is a European site and I notice the difference in markets. I know Apple did not have the success in Europe that it did in the US. I do wish you would remember this, being that Apple is a very american company.

In my opinion, the business of clones, backward engineering, and 3rd party developer relations is what doomed the original mac to small market share. Microsoft's design hurt them (and still does). The company is run by dorks, for dorks, the kind of people who see no difference between a plastic fork and anything else. Apple appeals to a sense of both engineering grace and human touch, sight, hearing, etc. Apple considers people's senses, like a great designer. Very european, actually ;-)

The same playbook has been played by Android, but it's still just the chaos of java/linux trying to compete with the ultra-organized (and now wildly rich) Apple. The App store, the itunes media empire, the jillions of ipods around the world... it was an amazing strategy and it's still crushing competitors in the way. Android exists by being the non-Apple iOS in my opinion. Most people that have android don't even know, it's just "a smartphone". It's like the last people to get a smartphone on the planet get an android for free.

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