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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The first computers were gigantic, filling rooms and requiring constant care and maintenance. [...] The computer stayed on the desk until the laptop computer, a smaller, more portable, but just as powerful machine, made it nearly obsolete. And then, the iPhone was released, followed shortly after by Android and the Palm WebOS, and the next step in computing was clear. What we did not immediately understand was if mobile computing was an accessory, or a replacement, for the traditional desktop machines." Jon-Buys at Ostatic believes the phone-becomes-computer paradigm is the next step.
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Flexible DE?
by bosco_bearbank on Mon 21st Jan 2013 23:38 UTC
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Why would the desktop environment on an Ubuntu phone have to be Unity, rather than one of the other common Linux desktops? If the phone's got enough smarts to know it's supposed to present a full-blown DE when plugged into its dock and connected to an external keyboard, mouse or other pointing device, and display, why cant that DE be LXDE (my personal preference at the moment) or any other Linux DE already available for Ubuntu?

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