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Windows The Verge has a learned a few interesting things about Google deprecating EAS and how this will affect Windows Phone users. As it turns out, Google informed Microsoft it was planning to remove EAS in the summer of last year, but without giving a firm date. Microsoft has been trying to get a six-month extension from Google, but so far with no luck. In the meantime, Microsoft is also working on adding CardDAV and CalDAV support to Windows Phone - so yay open standards.
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Now please tell me how is the consumer impacted negatively here? (First look up the definition of consumer, vs customer)

Did the deprecation of EAS on free Google services make it impossible to use or other services that provide the same functionality?

I was wondering when you'd show up. No, not impossible, just inconvenient.

Everything can be worked around, but jut telling people to switch to is the wrong answer.

Google either needed to relent or Microsoft needed to implement DAV (which it looks like they're doing). Telling people to migrate all of their data over somewhere else over a political decision is stupid.

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