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Mozilla & Gecko clones "This week we are announcing our new Firefox OS developer preview phones because we believe that developers will help bring the power of the web to mobile. These developer phones are being developed by Geeksphone in partnership with Telefonica and Geeksphone." Loving the orange.
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Phone hardware.
by judgen on Tue 22nd Jan 2013 14:45 UTC
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It looks very much like an ZTE (Chinese company) Blade 2 or Blade 3 with what it seems like almost (if not totally) identical specs. Can it be another rename for this phone? (In some countries they are called "san fransisco", in others "wind" and so many other names.) If so i am very happy, then maybe i could wipe this phone i have and install firefoxOS on it instead of android and play with it one day. I doubt i would buy a new one anytime soon though as i upgrade phones about once every 9 years or so.

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