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Graphics, User Interfaces Ever since I bought my HTC HD7 way back in October 2010, I have been hooked on Windows Phone. Without even being able to test-drive the new operating system (The Netherlands didn't get Windows Phone 7 until a year later), I imported the HD7 from the US - the minimalist, stark, clean, flat, and textual interface spoke to me, and I just knew I would like it. And like it, I did.
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RE[5]: Comment by Beerfloat
by maccouch on Tue 22nd Jan 2013 15:08 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Beerfloat"
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also, as you already know i don't agree with gruber but this reply to him is full of holes and misunderstandings.

Gruber didn't mean that skeumorphism was going away with more pixels, he meant that it was going away with the "retina resolutions". Now, retina does mean more pixels physically but it doesn't mean an increase in the pixel display for the interface since, as you know, Apple has just mantained the Screen resolution where one virtual pixel now means 4 pixels anti-aliased. it does increase clearness and "crispiness" in the display and you cannot simply consider it a continuation of the previous increases in virtual&phyisical resolution.

Also, you can't simply pick the interfaces a decade ago and state they are somewhat the precursors of the present jump to today's "digital design". to be a precursor there had to be a continuous line to today and not just "please ignore everything that happened between".

"old" interfaces were simple and clean because you didn't had hardware to do more. When you had, the increase in silliness as the Aqua&Aero desktops themes appeared. Now you're having a jump in the opposite direction, simply because everyone went a little to far. I agree with you that Microsoft and windows 8 are the bleeding edge on that, i just don't agree that it was some sort of continuous (apart from the zune).

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