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Opera Software This is actually pretty big news - both exciting and tragic at the same time. Opera has revealed Opera Ice, its next mobile browser, to PocketLint. This new browser represent a big shift in both user interface as well as rendering engine, since it has a new, unique interface, as well as a new rendering engine... New to Opera, that is, as it's a WebKit-browser.
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I remember reading the exact same comment you are writing now, only it was about Opera 6, then Opera 7, and then Opera 8...

Every version brings someone who insists that "Opera has lost its way." Pretty hilarious.

How can Presto be the only unique thing Opera offers, by the way? You can't even tell which layout engine the browser is using. It's something the user never thinks about.

It's just silly to claim that Presto is the only unique thing Opera offers. Ignoring the UI is just ignorant and lame.

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