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Linux "If you consider NetApplications' data set, then Linux owns only about 1 percent of the desktop OS market and Windows has almost 92 percent. But if you consider all computing platforms, including mobile, than Windows has only 20 percent and Linux has 42 percent - and that would be in the form of Google's Android alone." No more or less legitimate than claiming Windows owns 92% of the market. It's all a matter of perspective.
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RE[5]: Linux is a kernel
by lemur2 on Wed 23rd Jan 2013 07:41 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Linux is a kernel"
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It is impossible to have a discussion with you without your incessant link spam and a thicket of rhetorical bullshit.

Seriously, you plug Linux, KDE, and Qt in every single comment you post.

I know less about your own personal views than I do about the views of the various (often misleading, inconclusive, or downright incorrect) links you spam every comment with.

Maybe you think you have one up on most people because you can fatigue them in this manner, but it doesn't make you insightful at all.

Actually, providing links backs up my point, whereas independent backup for what you are saying is something that I notice your posts utterly lack.

Ad-hominem attacks will get you nowhere ... and you make absolutely no point (pertaining to desktop software) here anyway.

Ad-hominem. Deflection. Troll. General douche-bag behaviour.

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