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Linux "If you consider NetApplications' data set, then Linux owns only about 1 percent of the desktop OS market and Windows has almost 92 percent. But if you consider all computing platforms, including mobile, than Windows has only 20 percent and Linux has 42 percent - and that would be in the form of Google's Android alone." No more or less legitimate than claiming Windows owns 92% of the market. It's all a matter of perspective.
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RE[2]: Linux is a kernel
by henderson101 on Wed 23rd Jan 2013 17:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Linux is a kernel"
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Let's be honest here - is Windows 95 really Windows? It doesn't use the NT kernel. It uses a similar API, but the actual underlying code base is not the same. Is Win 3.1 Windows? Same. Is Windows CE Windows? Again, same deal - however the kernel was implemented, the programming interface is extremely identical. Porting code to CE is more about the fact the device is lacking specific hardware one might expect in a full desktop, rather than anything overly dramatic.

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