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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "For the longest time Canonical has slapped an LTS moniker on some of their Ubuntu releases. Currently, a new major release of the operating system happens every six months, and is supported for 18 months after release. Whereas in the past when LTS versions received two years support or more, the current model - starting with 12.04 - supports new LTS releases for five years. However, a recent public Google Hangouts session revealed that Canonical has been thinking about switching from the venerable LTS model to a rolling release, starting with version 14.04."
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RE: Might as well
by ssokolow on Wed 23rd Jan 2013 19:25 UTC in reply to "Might as well"
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Ubuntu's already the most unstable Linux distribution out there, might as well go all the way with that. They've got nothing to lose, except for their users. It's not as if anyone else takes Ubuntu seriously.

Trust me. It's NOT the most unstable distro out there.

As a skilled Gentoo user, I can honestly say that a rolling-release, build-from-source distro which encourages end-user customization of compile-time flags will always be more unstable on average.

...if for no other reason, because each Gentoo user makes half of the set of decisions an Ubuntu maintainer does and there's no tooling in place to allow us to share information on which configurations will cause instability under which circumstances.

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