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Legal Back in 2010, Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, and a few others settled with the US Department of Justice regarding their anti-poaching agreements concerning employees. While the CEOs did a good job of escaping possible prosecution, the affected employees filed a class action lawsuit about this, and judge Lucy Koh has just unsealed a number of emails concerning this case. They paint a pretty grim picture of Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt engaging in mafia practices, threatening smaller companies with patent litigation if they didn't agree to the no-poaching agreements, or demanding to handle matters verbally as to not leave a paper trail.
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RE[2]: No, only Jobs
by Tractor on Wed 23rd Jan 2013 21:41 UTC in reply to "RE: No, only Jobs"
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You obviously decided to concentrate on the unimportant part of the message. This is a classic way to produce noise, in a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the main message.

One is taken "hand in the bag" bullying a smaller competitor with written threat beyond acceptable level. The other is mailing to a collaborator that he prefers not to write about non-recruitment agreement (and by saying so, he leaves a trace).
In what way is this "comparable" to the point of deliberately mixing the two to make them look like equal ?

Oh i see, since we don't know what the second did, it must have been as terrible as one can imagine certainly ! No proof, so no limit to imagination.

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