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Google "Native Client enables Chrome to run high-performance apps compiled from your C and C++ code. One of the main goals of Native Client is to be architecture-independent, so that all machines can run NaCl content. Today we're taking another step toward that goal: our Native Client SDK now supports ARM devices, from version 25 and onwards."
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RE[4]: Comment by Laurence
by satsujinka on Wed 23rd Jan 2013 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Laurence"
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You've been space butchered, but it's not that weird.

The anonymous function is simply a closure that captures the variables a and b, then modifies them both to produce the next Fibonacci number when called.

It's really quite standard. I mean compare to a similar Scheme function (mind you it's been awhile):

(define fib (let ((a 0) (b1))
(lambda () (begin (set! a b) (set! b (+ b 1)) a)))

But of course, until you share what language you think does this "better," it's impossible to address your complaint.

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