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Apple "Apple Inc reported quarterly revenue that slightly missed Wall Street expectations as sales of its flagship iPhone came in below target, sending its shares down more than 4 percent. The world's largest technology company shipped 47.8 million iPhones, lower than the roughly 50 million that Wall Street analysts had predicted. Sales of the iPad came in at 22.9 million in the fiscal first quarter, about in line with forecasts." I'll leave the financials to the experts, but one thing that stood out to me: Apple sold 4.2 million Macs, almost a million below expectations. How much of a future does desktop computing have at Apple? Update: The NYT/Reuters changed the title during the night. Fixed it.
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by Valhalla on Thu 24th Jan 2013 02:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Valhalla"
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not least because tablets and phones are ergonomically poor for doing pretty much anything work-like, and not really all that good for anything else.

Well what I was describing was combining a 'tablet' with a mouse/keyboard for when using it for 'desktop pc' tasks and just as a 'tablet' when 'mobile'.

Mind you I'm not really arguing against you, I'm just trying to envision the future based upon the recent seemingly panicked actions from Microsoft.

Only way I can make sense of it is if they predict a strong consolidation between todays mobile 'devices' and the traditional home pc desktop.

Like you said, people will still need to do 'work' which is often not suitable with a touch interface, but why do they need to be separate devices when all that really differs (assuming the mobile hardware specs keep improving at a rapid rate) is that of a keyboard/mouse and possibly a larger screen estate?

So basically you have a 'tablet' style computer which you can bring with you anywhere and which works just fine using 'touch' for consuming information while on the move. Then when you want to 'work' you place it in some holder to be viewed as a typical desktop screen (or use it with an external screen) and connect it to your wireless keyboard/mouse and get to work, desktop-style.

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