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Apple "Apple Inc reported quarterly revenue that slightly missed Wall Street expectations as sales of its flagship iPhone came in below target, sending its shares down more than 4 percent. The world's largest technology company shipped 47.8 million iPhones, lower than the roughly 50 million that Wall Street analysts had predicted. Sales of the iPad came in at 22.9 million in the fiscal first quarter, about in line with forecasts." I'll leave the financials to the experts, but one thing that stood out to me: Apple sold 4.2 million Macs, almost a million below expectations. How much of a future does desktop computing have at Apple? Update: The NYT/Reuters changed the title during the night. Fixed it.
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Alright I know this site is anti-Apple

Oh sod off. Go complain at Reuters. I specifically chose the same source for the financial news as for Google, and it's still not good enough for you?

The company improved from last year, yet "disappointed" because it didn't grow as much as some Wall Street bozos guessed it would.

Stock price reflects the expected ability that an investment in said stock will generate a return. It has very little to do with past performance. Apparently, stock traders don't seem to think that investing in Apple's stock will yield them as much of a return as investing in other stock would. And considering the past few months of dropping stock, that seems to make sense.

Apple's stock doesn't exist in a vacuum. This is the basic mistake people seem to make. "Apple did great last quarter, so why is the stock going down?" Well, that's because investors seem to think there's more money to made with other stocks. It's really not that complicated. You'll most likely see the stock price bottom out - it may already have with -10% now - after which there's breathing room for the stock price to go up again, meaning there's money to be made.

All this stock drop highlights is how stupid Apple bloggers were when they proclaimed Apple would reach $1000. As it turns out, Apple's max is round and about the $700.

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