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Apple "Never mind the fact that the iPod turned the entire music industry on its head. Never mind the fact that most successful notebooks today resemble designs first popularized by Apple. Never mind the fact that the blueprint of the modern day smartphone remains the original iPhone. Never mind the fact that competitors are scrambling wildly to copy the success and design of the iPad. Forget all of these things, because when it comes to Apple, the 'what have you done for me lately?' mentality reigns supreme."
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Apple's perhaps most underrated move was switching to Intel

I don't know if underrated, it was rather ~loud. BTW, an interesting bit of info: the "Pepsi CEO" thought that not going to Intel in the 90s was one of his biggest mistakes:

While iPod was fast becoming the must-have consumer item

Not really so ...maybe in a few atypical (very affluent, and visible) markets. But even there: a lot of people don't seem to realise how slow start the iPod had: - it really became big only in 2005. And that was a time when most of the world was already leapfrogging dedicated audio players, going the mobile phone route (in 2007 or so I read a report about how ~20% of European mobile subscribers uses their phones for music consumption - that alone already means more people than all iPods ever made)

And you know, Apple might be hated because of how it acts (now that it can afford it) ...and how some of its supporters behave, now that Apple is not an underdog. I was a bit of a supporter and promoter of Apple, for a time - but I stopped doing that, mostly to not be associated with such people.

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