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Internet & Networking In the past, OS News has discussed how U.S. broadband access lags many other countries in terms of cost, speed, and availability. Now, this detailed report from the New America Foundation tells why. It all comes down to a lack of competition among the carriers, which can be traced back to the days when cable companies were granted local monopolies. The report argues that " caps... are hardly a necessity. Rather, they are motivated by a desire to further increase revenues from existing subscribers and protect legacy services such as cable television from competing Internet services." The report's conclusion: don't expect improvements without legislative action.
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Internet selection here does suck.
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 24th Jan 2013 18:42 UTC
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For cable, it's basically Road Runner or EarthLink. To make matters worse, it all goes through Time Warner Cable, so if you get pissed off at them, drop cable (which is what I ended up having to do several years ago due to their increasingly shitty service).

So then I had to find a DSL provider. The only fucking one is AT&T. So it's Time Warner vs. AT&T. Cable vs. DSL. Shitty service vs. shitty service. I'm not exactly happy with AT&T either, but what is the alternative? Getting out of this country?

The state of Internet service providers here really is bad. They both suck equally in their own ways. Good thing I don't give a damn about TV, and if I wanted to get a landline telephone service Sage seems to be a cheaper alternative to AT&T. Too bad I have to deal with them for Internet service though.

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