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Linux After about a year of work, the ArchLinux distribution now offers a variant running on the FreeBSD kernel. Says the developer, "Why would I do this? If like me, you enjoy FreeBSD and love it, but also like the philosophy behind Arch Linux, which is a fast, lightweight, optimized distro, I figured why not combine the both. Even though you could just do it on FreeBSD using the ports, not everyone wants to compile." This now puts Arch in the same category as Debian with Debian GNU/KFreeBSD, which offers a Debian userland on top of a FreeBSD kernel.
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by MOS6510 on Fri 25th Jan 2013 13:09 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by MOS6510"
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I've done that in so many GUI editors I've lost track!

It's amazing this is the one habit that people apparently mistakingly apply at the wrong places.

I appreciate that. I wasn't intending to criticise you there so I hope my comments didn't read that way. ;)

Oh, I didn't think that. I think FreeBSD is great so I wanted to make sure lurkers knew I didn't switch it for Linux because anything was wrong with it.

Oh nice one. I'm still yet to find an affordable watch I like (and I'm not about to spend a lot on a watch that's going to be warn everyday and thus accidentally banged into things.

You could adopt my strange behavior and have several watches for several occasions.

Right now I'm wearing one I stole from the merchandise window of a bank, because I was well annoyed with them. So in a way I robbed a bank I guess. If you think about I paid for this watch several times already anyway.

We're planning to go to the jewelry shop this afternoon. I'm bring a few watches that need small repairs or a new battery. Also I'm bringing the Seiko UC-2002 pocket watch:

I also have 2 keyboards to which it can dock, but the connection doesn't work so I'm hoping at the shop they might know some people who can fix it.

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