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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Buried deep within Nokia's press release about its financial results, there's a line that pretty much signals the end of one of the most popular and successful mobile operating systems in history. With Nokia retiring its use, Symbian is no more.
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RE[5]: market share!
by cdude on Sat 26th Jan 2013 13:59 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: market share!"
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Mobile growth like this doesn't happen overnight

First its 2 years.

Second 2 years are a full turnaround circle in mobile where contracts run in maximum 2 years.

Theird in that 2 years Nokia went down from having twice the sells of its nearest rival to having 1/10 of it. From number #1 to not being in the top #10 any longer.

Forth that 2 years where more then enough for Samsung to turn from a second hand manufactor to number 1. And enough for Nokia to be done,

Fifth in that two long years Nokia not failed once but twice! First with WP7 Lumia and now with WP8 Lumia again.

What Nokia has needed since day 1 has been to be in a better financial situation

To continue burning a billion dollar each quarter* till it works out eventually with WP42 Lumia (or not)?

* and sell crown-jewels like your headquarter, patents and firing half your employees.

they can iterate on Lumia and establish mindshare.

How much years, billions of dollars and iterations you need while staying somewhere between 1% and 2% market share (1% Symbian removed) to realize: its not working out! ?

As if HTC's downfall when they switched to WP wasn't warning enough. Sanyo anyone?

Change strategy else all money in this world will not be enough.

Window Phone marketshare in Europe is surging

Yeah, same BS you tell since years. Its declining in all huge markets. China? 100.000 sold units. US? 700.000 sold units. Germany? Half of Q3. Russia? Lost.

That Nokia dumped all there WP7 Lumia inventory for free to italy and brazil to spin the % market share number is typical. Lose million of $ to look good for some minutes and impress simple minds and hope nobody notices when a quarter later its down again.

You not remember that just some months ago you repated here the story that Lumia is a hit in US as shown by the Amazon charts? You not remember your stand its a hit in China and outsells everything else cause Nokia-representatives say so? Come on, don't fall for such cheap PR-tricks again and again, Nelson. Look at the key-markets, the global market share. Be a bit more clever then that, okay?

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