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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Buried deep within Nokia's press release about its financial results, there's a line that pretty much signals the end of one of the most popular and successful mobile operating systems in history. With Nokia retiring its use, Symbian is no more.
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Nokia platform cleanup complete
by wigry on Sat 26th Jan 2013 14:05 UTC
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Now aws the Symbian (and all derivatives) are killed and wiped off the board, there will be two remaining platforms that Nokia will put all their attention to:

- Windows Phone 8 for the developed countries
- Series40 for the rest of the world.

So the picture is extremely simple for developers too: You write .NET and whatever MS technology for the Windows Phone and then you write Java 2 Micro Edition MIDlets for the Series 40. BTW ALL non-Lumia devices are and will be Series 40 devices (even those small type-only $15 phones) so there is a HUGE market for J2ME app developers. Nokia OVI store runs on majority of the Nokia low-end phones.

I currently do J2ME development for the Asha and it is blazingly fast and total joy to work with. The plus side is that with couple of small modifications (like screensize and non-touch interface) I can make my app run on any S40 phone.

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