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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Samsung's recent Android 4.1.2 upgrade for the Galaxy Note 10.1 adds power and flexibility to the company's unique offering of Android multiwindowing features. With this update, the Galaxy Note 10.1 can run up to 16 multiwindow-enabled Android apps at once, Windows/Mac-like, on a single screen. Apps endowed with Samsung's multiwindow technology are usable in three viewing modes: full screen, dual view, and cascade view." There are already some complaining this represents a dangerous fork of Android. I thinks it's a step in the right direction.
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Comment by Laurence
by Laurence on Tue 29th Jan 2013 01:43 UTC
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I thinks it's a step in the right direction.

Well then you'd be better off buying a laptop instead of tablet :p

I will say, I quite liked the idea behind Win8's multi-Window in (the artist formally known as) Metro. It's clean way of tiling Windows. But even that would only be practical on a larger tablet (such as this 10"). Anything smaller and managing Windows will be a nightmare (it's hard enough tapping hyperlinks with my imprecise, stubby, fingers). But overlapping Windows is just a no-no for any tablet.

What's worse, Samsung's implementation isn't even elegantly done. Granted, I don't think there is an elegant way to overlap windows on a tablet. But even so, that just looks bad. Seriously Samsung, what were you thinking?

Sometimes I really do wish Samsung left the software development to Google.

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