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Apple Apple has released iOS 6.1 - it's not a huge release so you probably won't notice much. What is interesting, however, is that Apple has unveiled that after just five months, 300 million iOS devices have been updated to or run iOS 6 - about 60% of all iOS devices ever sold. Google can learn a lot from this, since we're 14 months down the line, and Ice Cream Sandwich is only on about 40% of Android devices. Like I said, trainwreck in slowmotion.
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Err... There's no real point in a soft Sim Unlock. The real unlcock requires a check box to be ticked off in some esoteric Apple based back office system. Else next upgrade the OS, it will be re-locked. The fact that European mobile provides are obliged to unlock their handsets after a period of ownership (UK, O2, usually 6 months after the phone release, after that you can unlock almost as soon as you receive the phone on contract for free or pay a small fee on PAYG) means that buying a Sim unlocked iPhone here is trivial. All of mine have been unlocked.

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