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Games It seems to have so far escaped OSNews' notice (if the top few hits for a site-search for 'Steam' is any indication) that Steam for Linux is now in Open Beta; you can get the Linux steam client from So far, they appear to only be making an Ubuntu .deb available, and the client will require closed-source GPU drivers in order to work.
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I approve of Steam
by error32 on Wed 30th Jan 2013 06:25 UTC
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I think that Valve has actually done a good job with the implementation of Steam. It used to work pretty well in wine and now I am able to run the native Linux version for those games which are ported (the list is growing day by day, they even ported 15 year old Half-life!).
The fact that I need proprietary drivers for this doesn't bother me a bit, I am all for foss, but I also want to have a usable system. I have been using Linux exclusively for 10 years and I enjoy that I can play a nice looking game after working with a aterm filled Fluxbox desktop all day!
I love the fact I can log onto another machine with my Steam account and have my whole library available (be it for the platform the client is on of course). They have ridiculous low prices during their seasonal sales where a casual gamer like me can pick out enough to keep entertained for months for next to nothing.
And very importantly, Steam allows me to pay with my online banking account through iDeal (a system used by Dutch banks) which makes my experience more hassle free.

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