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Windows "Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet, due on February 9th, will have a smaller amount of storage space than expected. A company spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that the 64GB edition of Surface Pro will have 23GB of free storage out of the box. The 128GB model will have 83GB of free storage. It appears that the Windows 8 install, built-in apps, and a recovery partition will make up the 41GB total on the base Surface Pro model." Oh Microsoft.
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RE[3]: 64GB 2013?
by avgalen on Wed 30th Jan 2013 11:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: 64GB 2013?"
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Shutdown: No diskspace needed, turn off/on in 15 seconds, no battery wasted, everything is closed

Hibernate: Needs as much diskspace as you have memory, turn off/on in 1 minute (depending on diskspeed and amount of memory to write/read), no battery wasted, just continue working

Standby: No diskspace needed, turn off/on in 1 second, battery decreases 10% per 24 hours (so 7% before I start working again or 3 percent while I sleep), just continue working

For me hibernate only wins when you have battery issues and plenty of diskspace and time that you don't mind wasting. In all other scenarios standby wins.
On the surface battery life is not an issue but diskspace and time are, so standby should be used instead of hibernate.

(I loved hibernate when I used Windows XP with 1 GB of RAM. It only took 20 seconds to hibernate/restore but rebooting took 1 minute and standby sucked 50% per day)

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