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Games It seems to have so far escaped OSNews' notice (if the top few hits for a site-search for 'Steam' is any indication) that Steam for Linux is now in Open Beta; you can get the Linux steam client from So far, they appear to only be making an Ubuntu .deb available, and the client will require closed-source GPU drivers in order to work.
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RE[3]: Comment by Darkmage
by lucas_maximus on Wed 30th Jan 2013 12:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Darkmage"
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All the kinda things you want from a premium graphics card. Nvidia's Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD drivers have been far better than Open Equivalents for 3D for ages, especially in terms of performance.

I use Nouveau on Fedora because I do my gaming in Windows and it is fine for desktop stuff, but I wouldn't want to play any Triple A games on it.

Titles like Crysis 2 and FarCry 3 pretty much take any system resources you got (I have a GeForce 660 GTX card and one of the better Core 2 duo chips, and it uses anything it can grab).

Crysis 3 gets launched next month and I am pretty sure I will have to over-clock the CPU.

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