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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Samsung's recent Android 4.1.2 upgrade for the Galaxy Note 10.1 adds power and flexibility to the company's unique offering of Android multiwindowing features. With this update, the Galaxy Note 10.1 can run up to 16 multiwindow-enabled Android apps at once, Windows/Mac-like, on a single screen. Apps endowed with Samsung's multiwindow technology are usable in three viewing modes: full screen, dual view, and cascade view." There are already some complaining this represents a dangerous fork of Android. I thinks it's a step in the right direction.
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RE[8]: Comment by Laurence
by some1 on Wed 30th Jan 2013 15:00 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by Laurence"
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What "new space"? Unless the resolution is higher on the larger screens, there isn't technically any more space - it's just a lower pixel density.

Do you even know what Nexus 10 is? Nexus 10 has 2560x1600 resolution at 300 ppi. So yes, "technically" it has a ton of new space compared to Nexus 7 (and pretty much anything else). But your argument is completely wrong anyway. Screen space is measured in cm, not in pixels. Lower ppi just means lower quality rendering. Just because, say, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 have almost the same resolution doesn't mean you want to use the same layout on both: the screen size difference is too big.

However to answer your point, Google did put a lot of work into supporting different screen sizes and resolutions.

Way to completely miss the point. Android is fairly good at showing apps at different resolutions. It does not automagically optimize apps layouts to different screen sizes. Bigger screen means that you can show more controls, add/improve sidebars, show more information in list elements etc. Android as a platform supports doing so, but app developers have to actually put an effort into thinking through and creating these layouts.
What you forgot is that Google is also an app developer, not just a platform provider. My point is that Google didn't do much in their own apps, which if you haven't noticed they ship a whole bunch, to use the new space on 10".

So if you really want to argue about wasted space, then perhaps you should look at how badly some of the competing platforms

Why would I want to do that? I don't plan to buy devices with them or develop for them.

But all of this is moot because it's so much easier for anonymous online personalities to whine about the lack of one feature

Nice ad hominem attack.
The only people whining in this thread are ones like yourself, who argue Samsung should not be allowed to modify Android. Everyone else is happy some progress is being made.
And sure, Android has a long list of issues, and tiling is not even on top of that list. Having a 10" Nexus tablet was not top of the list either. So what? No one should be allowed to work on non-top priority items? What's your point? Never mind. I don't think you have one.

not even present in all bar one of the competing OSs.

Stupid Google, why did they introduce multitasking in Android 1.x and multiuser support in 4.2, when no competing OSs had/have them? What a waste of time. /s

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