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Games "EVE Online's complicated inter-corporate politics are often held together by fragile diplomatic treaties and economic agreements. So fragile, in fact, that a single misclick can lead to a fracas that quickly snowballs into all-out warfare. That's what happened to two of the spacefaring sandbox MMO's largest player alliances in the Battle of Asakai, a massive fleet vs. fleet onslaught involving 3,000 players piloting ships ranging from small interceptors to gargantuan capital ships. Straight from the wreckage-strewn outcome of the battle, we're breaking down the basics of what happened for everyone to truly fathom one of the biggest engagements in the game's history." The costs of this battle in in-game currency is, so far, 700 billion. While MMO's don't float my boat, I have to say that this is still pretty awesome. Penny Arcade looks at the technical details server-side, and what a battle like this does to the game's backend infrastructure.
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Doesn't say much for their system
by FunkyELF on Wed 30th Jan 2013 19:30 UTC
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I'm sure they wrote that thinking people would be impressed but that's not what I got out of the article.

Also... it looked like the ships were just sitting there shooting, not even moving relative to each other.

Couldn't high level commands like "sit here and continue firing until I say otherwise (or die)" be delegated to the server?
Then at any given point the server would be dealing with only a fraction of interactive clients and a majority of clients set to auto-fire.
The problem would become a lot smaller with things being processed locally.

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