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OpenBSD "Yesterday OpenBSD, the proactively secure Unix-like operating system, released version 3.8, featuring several improvements to networking, RAID management tools, and increased security. At you can download installation files or order the official three-disc CD set, which supports 16 processor architectures out of the box. I took this new release as an opportunity to perform my first ever OpenBSD install." Read more here.
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RE[3]: Inconsistent
by dagw on Thu 3rd Nov 2005 14:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Inconsistent"
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Get off your high horse...Why in gods name do you need
a GUI for a server? Firewall? Security appliance?

OpenBSD's goals are security and stability.
Bare that in mind the next time you open your mouth
or post something.

Let me start by saying that I've used OpenBSD for years and think that, for non X systems, it is one of best installs around.

That being said, I agree with the poster you're replying to. X is included as an option in the base install and thus I feel that they should include options to configure it in the install. If they're not going to configure it, remove it as an install option, and let people who want it add it later through ports.

What I'd like to see would be an option where you get the standar OpenBSD installer if you don't select do install an X server, but if you select to install the X server it will kick into a full X installer which will let you set it up. Including X in the base installer and then not configuring it is not a valid solution in my mind

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