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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And so, today, RIM announced its Hail Mary - a brand new mobile operating system (well, sort-of new), as well as two new devices. In addition, the Canadian company also officially changed its name from Research In Motion to Blackberry. The first few reviews of Blackberry 10 are already out, and it's not bad. The problem, however, is that in the case of Blackberry, 'not bad' could easily mean 'not good enough'.
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On Tomi Ahonen's blog. This is a quick look at all the up and comers in the smartphone OS world in 2013. Well worth a read:


Ubuntu? Fahgeddaboudit. No carrier and no major manufacturer. Yet.
Firefox? VERY dark horse.
Sailfish? Pretender. Looks like they're aimed at the high end for now.
Tizen? Contender.
BB10? Small player now with only limited potential.
Windows 8? Dead and doesn't know it.

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