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Windows "Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet, due on February 9th, will have a smaller amount of storage space than expected. A company spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that the 64GB edition of Surface Pro will have 23GB of free storage out of the box. The 128GB model will have 83GB of free storage. It appears that the Windows 8 install, built-in apps, and a recovery partition will make up the 41GB total on the base Surface Pro model." Oh Microsoft.
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No shit! Oh, well.... I stand corrected. It's utter crap :-D

Well, I think we agree on that one. ;) RT also has a lot of space clogged up, though not nearly as much as this does. Surface RT tablets have, if I remember correctly, 12 gb of space taken. That's still far too much when the entry model is a 32 gb tablet, but even that's not half as bad as Surface Pro considering that, on the 64 gb entry model, almost 2/3 of your disk space is taken before you put anything of your own on there.

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