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Windows A few days ago, Microsoft released the long-awaited Windows Phone 7.8 update for all those users who will be stuck on Windows Phone 7 forever because there's no upgrade path to Windows Phone 8 other than buying a new phone. Now that it's here, what, exactly, does WP7.8 to the table?
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RE: Comment by Nelson
by elzurawka on Fri 1st Feb 2013 19:41 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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I find it odd that Thom has such a crush on Windows Phone 8. While it does do a lot of new things in different ways, different isn't always good. The way they have done the Metro interface on the phones is not at all appealing to me.

When i heard about Windows phone 8 before release I thought it would support things like AD integration, which would allow business to easy adopt it.

I have recently found out that the phones do not even offer support for EAP-TLS when connecting to wireless networks, and it's not a feature which they have defined for future releases. How can this phone be taken seriously in the business world, when it can't even support the basic requirements of most businesses. I never thought I would see the day when Microsoft is trying to catchup with Apple when it comes to offering a business friendly device...

Windows Phone 8 will suffer the same fate as Windows Phone 7. When version 9 comes up, you will have an expensive device which cannot be upgraded, and is missing key features. It may be a decent consumer phone, but it is by no means ready for business.


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