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OSNews, Generic OSes "Whonix is a project to build an operating system that will offer the maximum privacy and anonymity possible straight out of the box. Its creator, 'Adrelanos', says the aim is to make it as hard as possible for privacy-conscious users to make missteps when it comes to remaining anonymous. 'It also provides loads of documentation and possibilities for interested users to make it even more secure,' he says." We've already covered Whonix before.
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Comment by Laurence
by Laurence on Sat 2nd Feb 2013 13:35 UTC
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I didn't spot the first item (it was over Christmas so didn't spend much time on news sites - or even online)

Anyway, re Whonix:
Why are they using VirtualBox? Surely OpenVZ would be better suited for this - completely sandboxed networking and containers are harder to break out of than Virtual machines (which, for the record, a skilled hacker can escape so the "no malware" argument of theirs is a little ignorant). Plus containers will have a much lower footprint than VirtualBox.

In fact pretty most other virtualisation solution would have a lower foot print than VBox, so that would have been my last choice of software to use (not that there's anything wrong with VirtualBox for home use, but I wouldn't recommend having an OS dependant on two VBox VMs running constantly if you actually want said OS not to perform like a dog on modest hardware.

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