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OSNews, Generic OSes "Whonix is a project to build an operating system that will offer the maximum privacy and anonymity possible straight out of the box. Its creator, 'Adrelanos', says the aim is to make it as hard as possible for privacy-conscious users to make missteps when it comes to remaining anonymous. 'It also provides loads of documentation and possibilities for interested users to make it even more secure,' he says." We've already covered Whonix before.
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A practical question.
by wannabe geek on Mon 4th Feb 2013 00:08 UTC
wannabe geek
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So how are you supposed to, say, connect to your bank in your web browser?

Do you use the host environment directly for your everyday activities, and whonix-workstation only for, say, "hacktivism" and other controversial, dangerous stuff, or do you use whonix-workstation for everything?

I guess it must be the former, because malware could do a good deal of damage without having your real IP address. And that includes revealing your identity.

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