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Windows A few days ago, Microsoft released the long-awaited Windows Phone 7.8 update for all those users who will be stuck on Windows Phone 7 forever because there's no upgrade path to Windows Phone 8 other than buying a new phone. Now that it's here, what, exactly, does WP7.8 to the table?
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W7.8 is not bad
by TBPrince on Mon 4th Feb 2013 00:10 UTC
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As owner of a Lumia 900, I have to say that I'm not that disappointed by Windows Phone 7.8.

My biggest complain is about IE 10 not being included but I still hope Nokia, which is meant to release a W7.9 update, will be able to include that into next release. HTML5 videos is still a major problem in L900 and W7.8.

Other than that, I have to say I'm satisfied with this update. Of course, you have to accept the fact that W7.x will not be upgraded to W8, which is a bit disappointing given that those Lumias are a little more than 1 year old. That was plain wrong, of course.

However, W7.8 is generally faster than 7.5 and damn, let me say that Metro UI is simply amazing. New homescreen is wonderful and I would have upgraded to 7.8 only to get that.

And I owned a Galaxy SII and used many Android 4.x devices however Windows Phone is by far the best for usability and UI in general. Nokia devices are a plus because they're simply beautiful. The live Tiles concept is Amazing and trust me : I'd never go back to an Android phone even if those devices has lots of software and nice things.

I understand people being disappointed for the contrast of not being able to enjoy full W8 and I can't say I'm not too. I'm sure that, under a technical point of view, W8 could be ported to Lumias but of course MS set requirements for W8 and won't allow Nokia or anyone else to port W8.

However, WP 7.x eco-system is quite interesting and there are now many apps to use. While 7.x devices aren't in the tens of millions, W8 devices aren't that many yet. As a developer, I would still developt for both 7.x and 8, given that they aren't probably so different or, better, for 7.x in order to get both classes of devices.

Then, if W8 sells well (like I hope and I forecast), of course 7.x will get less software for them but I wouldn't complain that much if my Lumia will need to be replaced in 8-10 months.

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