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Games "On January 31st, 1997, Final Fantasy VII was released to the Japanese public. This single game both revolutionized and raised the bar of Japanese style console role playing games. It success was so staggering, it placed Squaresoft firmly on top the the the genre, displacing the Dragon Quest series created by the rival Enix company. The story of how this game came to be has a story more expansive than the game itself. It starts, as most stories do, with it's prequel." An insanely detailed - although missing certain parts, here and there - look at Final Fantasy VII's engine. As in, 211 pages detailed. You might want to grab a coffee.
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by Laurence on Mon 4th Feb 2013 12:13 UTC
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In case anyone is put off by the page count, it's really only about 6 pages of back story and then followed by 200+ pages of technical manuals which are really only interesting to anyone thinking of getting into game development or have a particular geeky curiosity in such things (weirdly, there's also the odd Lorem Ipsum floating about where they've overlooked a topic).

I think the first few pages are definitely worth a read though, even if you're not interested in this game specifically, because there's some history about the politics between the different companies at that time:

Nintendo went behind Sony and asked Phillips for assistance, as they also could license CD-ROM
technology. When Sony found out that Nintendo was going to someone else, (and a foreign one at
that!), it was the last straw and pulled their technology. They also convinced Phillips, Matsushita,
NEC, and Pioneer not to license any optical drive technology to Nintendo either.

I knew the reason why Sony created their own console but up until now I always thought Nintendo chose the cartridge system over CD. However if this is true and Sony deliberately sabotaged Nintendo's attempts at gaining a deal with another 3rd party - forcing Nintendo to release a substandard product, then this just makes me hate Sony even more than I do already.

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