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Games "On January 31st, 1997, Final Fantasy VII was released to the Japanese public. This single game both revolutionized and raised the bar of Japanese style console role playing games. It success was so staggering, it placed Squaresoft firmly on top the the the genre, displacing the Dragon Quest series created by the rival Enix company. The story of how this game came to be has a story more expansive than the game itself. It starts, as most stories do, with it's prequel." An insanely detailed - although missing certain parts, here and there - look at Final Fantasy VII's engine. As in, 211 pages detailed. You might want to grab a coffee.
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RE[4]: Comment by Laurence
by Laurence on Mon 4th Feb 2013 16:07 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Laurence"
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* The SNES CDROM was never released (only prototyped).
* The CDi is a completely different type of kit entirely (I know, I've used one).
* And the N64DD addon isn't even a CD - it's a magnetic disk.

Presumably developing the magnetic disk took longer than Nintendo could hang on (for risk of missing the next generation of console launches). So they had to fall back on tried and tested technologies first.

Laurence, is there any proof to back up that statement ? Do they actually have any proof about Sony blocking Nintendo from using a cd drive ?

Which is why I said "if this is true"

According to Wikipedia Nintendo chose it and I remember at the time when I got my n64 reading Nintendo wanted to use Cartridges, this is why it all seems a bit bullshit to me.

So you'd trust an article which could have been written by anyone and based on here'say over one that was written by developers who had a contract with Nintendo?

I don't want to sound to down on your opinions as there's a chance you might be right, but it does read a little like you've already made your mind up and are now looking for the facts to prove your point.

"Nintendo cited several advantages for making the N64 cartridge-based.[40] Primarily cited was the ROM cartridges' very fast load times in comparison to disc-based games, as contemporary CD-ROM drives rarely had speeds above 4×" ... Read that section and look at the references for corroboration.

You do realise how marketing works, right? IF Sony did block Nintendo, then Nintendo are hardly going to announce "Our consoles are going to be crippled compared to the other games consoles being released." that would just be retarded. So of course they'd spin it to argue that they'd chosen a cartridge based system and to list of it's advantages - even if they didn't believe that crap themselves.

This is marketing 101.

Sony might have blocked it, but I doubt philips or matsushita or any of the other companies would give a damn what sony said and would supply Nintendo, it just sounds very bullshit to me.

You maybe right, but I'm not sure I'd trust your gut instinct more than I trust developers who were writing games for Nintendo's various consoles at that time.

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