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Multimedia, AV "Sony has announced it is to deliver its last MiniDisc stereo next month. It marks an end to the firm's support for the system which it launched in 1992. The format only ever had limited success outside of Japan and was ultimately doomed by the rise of recordable CDs and MP3 players." My format of choice for personal audio up until a few years ago, when the rest of the world had already long moved on to MP3. Nothing beats the satisfying sound of closing a portable MiniDisc player/recorder with a disc in it.
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by ssokolow on Mon 4th Feb 2013 16:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: sony..."
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yes, it's not as spectacular a failure as the other formats, but successful is something different

just to break down the numbers:
-BR is 7 years old, and for 5 years it's the only HD disc-format
-it has better image- and sound-quality than the dvd
-it's more expensive to produce (both content and manufacturing-wise)
-and even though they are sold at the same price-level as DVDs, they only account for 20-25% of all sales

that's a failure all around

Depends. Do you just mean as a movie format? ...because, among other reasons, I don't trust them to rip to WebM on the first try using only open-source software. With DVDs, that's not a problem.

Also, my brothers are the only people in the house with computer new enough to come with BluRay drives (which they don't use for BluRay either). You can even find DVD-ROM drives in the dumpster these days.

However, for non-movie use, I'll probably pick up a BluRay burner as soon as my current DVD+R drive wears out. BluRay media does seem to have stablized at around 50% of the per-gigabyte cost of DVD+Rs.

(I just need to spend some time googling on what the most reliable brands are)

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